All relevant information in one place

The desktop view gives the account manager a quick view of all their customers. All the essential information is combined from different systems into one interface. Users can focus on execution.

This means that it is easier for the account manager to serve the customers according to their needs, at the relevant time.

Creating actions based on customer needs

Surveys help you prepare a customized set of questions for your customers. Helping you systematically map out a customer's situation and collect information about their needs. PACE helps you build solutions based on the customer's needs.

Survey results can also be sent to the customer directly after a meeting, which creates value to the customer even though they would not buy anything this time.



Presenting value already during the first meeting

Calculators support your customer work with visualized data. This helps you demonstrate the value of the proposed solutions to the customers. It provides a good basis for discussion together with the customer that helps you explain and justify your propositions.

It is easier to sell, when you can present the benefits of the offered services.

Respond fast to proposal requests

PACE makes it possible to form standardized documents with significantly less manual work. Re-occurring proposal documents are created automatically limiting the possibility for human error and saving time.

All documents sent to the customers are professionally presented, easier to understand and updated to the newest version.


Focus on the essential in your customer meetings

The Agenda module lets you create a structured agenda and prepare for meetings faster and more efficiently.

The agenda gives the customer information beforehand about why they are meeting you. It helps the customer collect information that is relevant to the meeting. An agenda also enhances your brand and gives a professional feeling.

Read more about the importance of agendas in our blog.

Real-time statistics for quick and easy visibility

PACE has no “field” for weekly activity reporting and management. Visibility of the made progress is nevertheless needed.

For this reason, relevant information for reporting purposes is gathered automatically while you are using PACE.

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Ongoing development based on customer feedback

New features are coming regularly. Ask about features such as geo location, report tool, public surveys and approval tool.