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1. What does PACE do?

PACE is a powerful system for systematically executing your B2B customer interaction. It helps you collect information in order to understand the customer's business and offer relevant solutions.

PACE saves time from repetitive tasks by automating and simplifying their completion. Making it possible for you to focus on what makes an impact.

PACE is the operative tool for working with customers

2. If PACE isn’t a CRM, then what is it?

A typical CRM is a system for reporting and controlling. PACE is in the front-line of your customer interaction ...and it works well together with your CRM. Making your execution stronger and more relevant to the customer.

PACE provides you the tools to know and help your customers. It brings visible value to your customers in each customer interaction.

3. Why choose PACE over custom software?

PACE can be implemented fast and doesn’t need a development period when you start. The information from your existing systems can be imported into PACE.

With PACE, you get continuous updates and improvements and don’t need to worry about a system not working.

PACE is likely to be more cost efficient. Since, things are not built only for you. You benefit from the continious development of new and existing elements.

4. Should we be using PACE?

PACE is built for B2B companies that want to develop account based customer interaction.

It is built for companies who see value in long term customer relationships. PACE has universal modules that can be used in different branches of business.

With PACE, you get a high ROI, happier staff and more time with your customers.

5. How do we use PACE in B2B customer work?

PACE is proven to be both effective and easy.

By giving the people working with customers more reliable information, making them more capable to serve and help your customers. You will be able to give more of your customers a higher level of service and value, with the same number of staff.

Instead of just selling a product or service, you can offer them your expertise. You will know your customers better and offer them more relevant solutions.

6. What does PACE cost?

No big initial investment required.

PACE is provided as a service with a moderate monthly license fee, that can be based on number of users or what features are used. We can also work out a partnership model depending on what works best for you.

As the setup of PACE is easy. You don’t need a big budget or a year-long-project to get started. PACE will return your investment at least double, but evidence has shown us it can go up to 5-10 times, although we always aim higher.

7. How do we get started with PACE?

We are here to help you. Although we aim to make things as easy as possible for you to take charge.

We offer implementation services, trainings, coaching and work process development, depending on your needs, so you get the most out of PACE.

Our expertise in software development and B2B business processes helps you succeed.

8. What are the requirements for using PACE?

The only thing you need is a browser.

However, the story does not end here. PACE is highly integrable as a need to support different sources has been designed in to the architecture straight from the beginning.

PACE has ready-made integrations, for example to HERE maps, but custom integrations are possible as well. Content, for example, can be brought from your existing CRM, other systems, excel-files or third party systems.

PACE’s business model is not based on integration projects. For this reason, we offer a steeply discounted pricing for custom integrations and offer a fixed cost ceiling as well.

It’s possible to start fast with a standalone version, and add deeper integrations as the story unfolds.

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