Fennia in brief

Fennia Mutual Insurance Company provides risk management and insurance services for enterprises, entrepreneurs and private households, as well as flexible client financing solutions.

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  • Transform the practices from traditional paper folders into digital risk management
  • Systematize work processes based on acknowledged best practices
  • Improve customer experience and value delivery to customers
  • Lower churn rate and increase customer acquisition
  • Achieve high ROI quickly by investing into front-end solution instead of starting from the core systems

How PACE helped Fennia?

  • PACE provides Fennia a platform for digitalizing work processes and tools
  • Customer experience and employee motivation improved with user-centric design and supportive features
  • PACE increased performance by saving 25 000 hours from the annual back office work load
  • The amount of tools used reduced by 50%
  • Fennia aims to expand the use of PACE even further during the next years

For Fennia PACE means excellent return on investment and true competitive advantage

Taru Luontama.png
The evolution of PACE is the most successful joint development process in Fennia’s history. PACE yields benefits beyond all initial predictions.
— Taru Luontama, Corporate Underwriting Director, Fennia


Annual back-office hours reduced by 25 000

Improved performance

  • Saved 25 000 hours from annual back office work
  • 60% higher hitrate for proposals
  • 6% more customers

The amount of customer surveys have rapidly increased

More time with customers

  • Increased activity with 10 times more customer surveys and 30 times more action recommendations
  • 37% larger average deal size
  • 30% broader product cover

Systematized customer work

  • Systematization and digitalization of work processes based on defined best practices
  • All documents sent to customers are easy to understand and aligned with the brand
  • Over 20% better customer data quality