More than a decade of building B2C services for end users

Rohea was founded by three M.Sc. students in 2007 as an operating company for (that had been founded a year earlier). Today is Finland’s biggest food & recipe site - co-owned by Rohea and publicly listed Alma Media Oyj – and Rohea is a long-seasoned professional in building scalable and human-centric services.

Rohea is not a project company. It means that PACE’s business model only works if it is aligned with achieving the customer’s goals. The aim is to bring customers a product that can solve business needs smartly by leveraging common elements and unique solutions, not to bill for the maximum amount of hours. Building demanding solutions, keeping the end user in mind, and always investing in new technologies, are core traits of Rohea. This is what makes PACE future-proof.

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bringing strong B2B know-how to the table

3XO was founded in 2015 in order to create a specialized and focused consulting company. Instead of doing a little bit of everything, they decided to focus on what they know. 3XO’s areas of expertise are B2B sales systematization, software tools and go to market strategy.

When it comes to PACE, 3XO is in charge of getting in to the core of the customer’s business needs and provide insight on how to get the most out of PACE. They bring their B2B know-how to the table.

3XO doesn’t work with useless projects or disrespectable people just for money. They don’t preach any business religion and they see frameworks for what they are, tools. 3XO strongly believes in seeing things as they are. They will tell you, if a mistake has been made. Full disclosure.

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